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Why on Earth Would You Not HIRE a Real Estate PROFESSIONAL to
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In todays word it seems like everyone is trying to sell you something every single time you turn around and I don’t know about you but I’m tired of it! 

“This Is a DEAL” “Hurry Before This One is GONE  “I’ve Got 5 Other People Asking About This Property Right Now” 

There are too many opportunities today to get “sold” into something you ultimately may not like. Or get bad information simply because the sale was the end result for the agent and not YOUR personal and financial goals. There is even a greater chance that you end up with someone who simply doesn’t have the knowledge and expertise it takes to navigate a diverse market place like the Hilton Head Island area. 

With 20+ years of experience in real estate sales HERE on the island, GT and I will provide you with a vast amount of knowledge and expertise about the island’s real estate market. But more importantly we will provide you with a concierge style of service and give you dedicated support during your research phase, provide professional counsel during the viewing and buying process and support you through the closing process and even provide you continuous management support after the purchase. 

There is Nothing Greater Than Knowing You are in Trusted Hands 

Level Of Service Unlike Any Other…. 

Something You’d Certainly Expect… 

Yet Few Provide


You might ask yourself… 

Why would I EVER pay for a Realtor? 

There are “100’s” of them who will all work for FREE! 


Because when you HIRE someone you are now a client who is paying for a service. There is now an obligation to perform for you as a client. Not to try and talk you into anything, not to sugar coat the truth or make things seem better than they really are. There’s no hidden agenda, everyone is on the same page. 

When you don’t… 

You are just another inquiry or customer and the only end goal for an agent is to SELL you something…anything…in order to get paid. 

And the best thing about this offer to hire us is…. 

You Get Double Your Money Back! 

This is not about us, its about YOU. When you sign up there is an in depth process in which we will journey together so that we understand what exactly it is you are in search of and how we can find it together.

Here are just some points in which we will cover… 

Overview of The Process 

  • Explanation on how the research process will work. 
  • Talk about the flow and how the purchasing process works in our area. 
  • Discuss some of the costs associated with buying a property in our area. 
  • What can you expect from a monthly or annual expense in taxes, insurance and other items. 
  • And much more.. 

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Introduction and Grounding Phase 

  • Who are you? Your Family, Your Background and Demographic 
  • What are your goals and when do you plan to reach them? 
  • What do you like to do and what interest do you have? 
  • What amount or type of space is important to you? 
  • What atmosphere of lifestyle do you seek? 
  • Among many other things… 

Design Phase 

  • What type of property do you seek? 
  • How much space do you want or need? 
  • Are pets important in your life? 
  • What amenities are most important, list them in importance 
  • What style of property do you envision? 
  • What area(s) are of interest to you? 
  • And many more….

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Financial Expectations 

  • Will this be a rental property, second home or primary residence? 
  • What budget do you have in mind? 
  • Are you financing or paying cash? 
  • If financing how much do you have for a down payment and have you spoken to a lender? 
  • Do you know about alternative options for buying a property? 
  • Do you have to sell something in order to buy or have you sold something and doing a 1031 exchange? 
  • What are your cash flow expectations if this will be an income producing property? 
  • How much do you have budgeted for monthly or annual expenses? 
  • Among many other things…. 

The Research Phase 

  • Determine what areas best fit your desired goals and lifestyle expectations 
  • Research the market to find suitable options for you to consider 
  • Give you in depth analysis of the real estate market in the area as a whole 
  • Provide detailed analysis of the submarkets in which we work within 
  • Explain why certain properties may be of greater value than others 
  • Give details on all of the supporting amenities associated with the interested areas 
  • Keep you abreast of any and all activity within the desired areas on a regular basis 

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Finding “The One” 

  • Establish a list of desired properties 
  • Plan a time to meet and explore not only the properties but the amenities as well 
  • Get in depth knowledge on each location and what makes it so unique 
  • Narrow the property options to the ones you truly like 
  • Revisit the ones you like if you wish 
  • Deciding “This is the One!” 

Purchasing Phase 

  • Formulating a purchasing plan based on the market research and data 
  • Designing an offer to win at the lowest price possible 
  • Negotiate terms with the seller that meet your goals and desires 
  • Finalize the deal 
  • Work to schedule inspections, hire attorney, talk to financial providers if needed and much more 
  • Keep in constant contact with you through the entire process and ensure deadlines are met 
  • Make sure all utilities, ownership associations and others are all in line for your new home 
  • Help take the entire process to the closing table so you can become an “islander” yourself! 

Continued Support for Years to Come! 

  • Our services don’t stop at the closing table, in fact they just began. 
  • Need help with a Painter? Countertops? New Bathroom? Anything at all we can help. 
  • We will oversee projects for you until time in which you decide to come and enjoy full time. 
  • Thinking of the vacation or long term rental market? No worries, we have you covered. We have been helping cli-ents with their rentals for over 15 years now. 
  • Not moving in and need absentee services? We have you covered there as well. We will make sure your new found home away from home is kept in tip top shape while you are not here. 
  • Living here and need a plumber? No problem! We hire some of the best contractors in the business to take care of our large family of properties. Because of this, we get priority when we call and so will you! 
  • Our services go well beyond the actual purchase. We are here for you every step of the way! This, in of itself, is worth signing on to work with us! 

Start Your Search The Right Way! 

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