Conditions and Exclusions: 

In order to qualify for the $1000 credit you must hire, by signing a SC Buyer Agency Disclosure, Chris Walker RES LLC as your Buyer’s Agent for a non refundable $500 retainer fee. This fee will entitle you to honest, professional and attentive service in the process of buying or selling real estate in the greater Hilton Head SC area. 

You are entitled to a $1000 credit at closing for hiring Chris Walker RES LLC as your Buyers Agent. However, you must purchase any property in the Beaufort County area at or above $200,000. For every $50,000 below the $200,000 minimum the credit will be reduced by $250. Your credit will be given in the form of a seller concession towards closing costs for such items as but not limited: to attorney fees, appraisal costs, inspection costs etc. on the settlement statement upon the purchase of the property. Chris Walker RES LLC will then receive a reduced commission from the seller for the credits provided to you at closing. 

During the term of this agreement you will receive professional, ethical, knowledgeable and honest information about the area’s overall real estate market. You will be priority to our services and given as much reasonable time as needed to research and understand the market in which you seek to purchase. We will provide you with every detail that is known for each property you have interest in. You will get many documents to include but not limited to: property condition disclosures, expense reports, sales history and data, rental income or projections, demographics, material facts and many other pieces of information depending on the subject property. 

You understand that this is a binding agreement to work with Chris Walker RES LLC and its associates to research and purchase real estate in the Beaufort County area of SC. You are of no obligation to actually purchase any property unless you so choose to do so. And Chris Walker RES LLC has no knowledge of or pretend to know of any of the physical aspects of any property in which you choose to purchase. Any defects or conflicts arising from such purchase shall be between you and the seller and not Chris Walker RES LLC or any of its associates and you agree to hold Chris Walker RES LLC and its associates harmless should there be post closing issues or defects. 

You also acknowledge that you are bound by this agreement to work with Chris Walker RES LLC and any of his associates to purchase real estate in Beaufort County SC. Should you purchase property with another real estate agent in the area, Chris Walker RES LLC is due 3% commission of the sale of the property regardless if it is listed by another Brokerage or not. 

The contract has a 10yr expiration from the date the agreement is signed unless either party gives a 30 day written notice of such mutual agreement to terminate this contract. Upon termination the by either party for any reason the $500 fee is retained by Chris Walker RES LLC. 

The intent of this agreement so to establish trust and good will between Chris Walker RES LLC and the participating client(s). It is to establish a working relationship where both parties can agree to work together in the pursuit of a real estate purchase for the client. And by where the services for such purchase, can and will be ren-dered in such a fashion that the client is dealt with in a confidential and trusting manner.